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Visa Services

Your Visa Is Just A Few Steps Away

Wide Range Of Visas To 40+ Destinations

Sometimes, it’s not only the best holiday packages that you need to find, visa approval is something you might also need. In fact, you shouldn’t bother yourself searching for a travel agency in Dubai. Why? Because Global Connect has a world to offer when it comes to visa services. Get your visa approved in less than no time. Easy application. Quick approval. Affordable Price.

UAE Visa

Global Connect guarantees that not only you get your visa approved, but also you face no trouble applying. Let’s make your trip to the UAE unforgettable. No matter how long you are staying, just choose the option that suits your needs.

14 Days Visa

30 Days Visa

90 Days Visa

Visa Change

Most of the times, travelers don’t get enough of their stay in the UAE. If you are one of those, Global Connect exists to help you out. Whether you want your visa to be changed quickly or you want to discover the beauties of another country until your visa gets changed, Global Connect can get you off the hook.

Airport Visa Change

Oman Visa Change By Bus

Armenia Visa Change

International Visas

Things all set for your next destination? There’s one more thing, your international visa.
With Global Connect, your international visa stands no obstacle when it comes to fulfiling your dream of traveling.

Schengen Visa

USA Visa

UK Visa

Name The City And Let Us Take Care of the Rest

Most Popular Adventures We Have

We have access to almost all trending destinations all across the world. Whatever be your next adventure, we make sure that you enjoy it to the fullest.

Why Us?

Global Connect is one of the best tourism companies in the UAE. Whether you plan on traveling from the UAE to the city you’ve always dreamt to visit or want to explore Dubai’s spectacular attractions, we make sure that we provide you with the best holiday packages. In fact, Global Connect is always collocated with affordable prices. .